SourceOne Omega-3 Partner Twin Rivers Technologies Natural Ingredients Changes Name to FINA LLC


Chicago, IL – SourceOne Global Partners has announced that its Omega-3 partner, Twin Rivers Technologies (TRT), has transferred it ownership to Felda IFFCO Sdn Bhd (FISB), a joint venture between the Felda Group of Malaysia and IFFCO Group of United Arab Emirates. TRT’s name will change to FINA LLC (FELDA IFFCO North America), effective immediately, and it will continue to operate out of its state-of-the-art facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. SourceOne remains as FINA’s exclusive marketing partner, responsible for building and managing a strategic marketing and distribution infrastructure that delivers market access for FINA’s U.S.-produced OmegaChoice® brand of concentrated Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in the nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical markets.

“The transfer in ownership is an extremely positive development for FINA, SourceOne, our Omega-3 client partnerships, and ultimately, the consumer seeking the highest quality Omega-3 products available,” said Josipa Paska, newly appointed CEO of FINA. “With a heavy investment in expanding market access and production capabilities, this signals a clear, strategic direction for our U.S.-produced Omega-3 products where we will continue to focus on higher value, advanced technologies, and branded differentiated products in all paths to market.”

According to Paska, the ownership has transitioned from a leading oleochemical company to a natural Omega-3 EFA and edible oil producer with a keen emphasis on delivering a range of healthy oils to consumers. New joint venture partner, IFFCO Group of United Arab Emirates, is a world leader in manufacturing a well integrated range of mass-market consumer products that cater to the food, feed, health and technical industries worldwide.

“The partnership we share with FINA allows SourceOne to offer a reliable, superior quality Omega-3 supply with concentrations up to 90% and EPA/DHA ratios that can be customized to meet any formulation specification,” emphasized Jesse Lopez, founder and CEO of SourceOne. “Omega-3 EPA / DHA Essential Fatty Acids are an integral component of our science-based ingredients and formulas. It is paramount that FINA not only has the capability to meet the need for higher concentrations of Omega-3, but also shares our commitment to providing a broad base of applications, unique delivery systems, and the innovation that the market is demanding.”

FINA focuses on the natural triglyceride form of Omega-3, and is the world leader in production capacity of EFAs. Studies support improved absorption and bioavailability of Omega-3 in the triglyceride form over Omega-3 in the ethyl ester form. According to Paska, FINA’s production capacity is greater than the combined total of all Omega-3 suppliers worldwide. FINA’s proprietary Omega‐3 technologies and beverage emulsion capabilities provide a strong foundation to meet the growing demand in supplement and pharmaceutical markets for higher Omega‐3 EPA and DHA concentrations.

Produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility in Cincinnati, OH to pharmaceutical-grade quality standards, FINA’s Omega-3 EFAs contain the highest percentage of EPA and DHA as a triglyceride that is currently available in the global marketplace. “Higher purity and better stability with less odor and fishy taste afford broader applications, consumer appeal, and ultimately, consumption,” said Paska.

“SourceOne and FINA will build awareness of the OmegaChoice® brand (with the tagline ‘Choose it for Life!’), utilizing effective alliances and shared commitments with our brand-manufacturing partners and retailers,” said Lopez. “We are committed to a national advertising and public relations campaign designed to educate health-conscious consumers and create awareness for the many benefits of Omega-3 in the triglyceride form, the form of Omega-3 naturally found in the foods we eat.”

In addition to the unparalleled line up of OmegaChoice® oils, SourceOne has raised the bar with the VESIsorb® technology. SourceOne has formed an exclusive worldwide partnership with Vesifact AG, Baar, Switzerland, the innovator and patent holder of VESIsorb®. “OmegaChoice® in the VESIsorb® delivery system turns Concentrated Omega-3 EPA/DHA into water-soluble colloidal droplets increasing absorption and broadening the possible applications,” explained Marc Weder, co-founder and CEO of Vesifact AG. “We can offer these benefits with OmegaChoice® VESIsorb® in oil, powder, and various beverage systems.”

SourceOne recently announced the results of a study in humans comparing the absorption and bioavailability of OmegaChoice® 90 Concentrated Omega-3 EPA to the same OmegaChoice™ 90 in the VESIsorb® delivery system. The pharmacokinetic study (single oral dose, crossover) demonstrated an increase of 567% in peak blood levels (cmax) of EPA in the formula that utilized the naturally self-assembling VESIsorb® delivery system. The relative bioavailability calculated using the area under the curve (AUC0-12h) was also increased by 487%.

Paska added that FINA is currently planning several new studies that will support the many health benefits of OmegaChoice® with the research focusing on clinical endpoints.

About SourceOne™ Global Partners
SourceOne Global Partners, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a leading supplier of innovative, science-based, branded ingredients and proprietary formulas to the nutritional supplement, functional food & beverage, cosmetic, and animal nutrition markets. SourceOne has assembled an impressive and enviable portfolio of complementary condition-specific ingredients that address the most pressing health concerns, including heart health, Type II diabetes, cognitive function, diet and energy, and general wellness.

SourceOne is recognized as a leader in delivering the best science nature has to offer through health solutions such as the award-winning Cholesstrinol™ Family of Heart Healthy Formulas, OmegaChoice® Marine Concentrated Omega-3 EPA/DHA (EFAs), CoQsource® Bio-Enhanced Coenzyme Q10, and SterolSource® Phytosterols. The SourceOne product line continues to expand and also includes TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols, GammaSource® Mixed Tocopherols, PMF-source™ Citrus Flavonoids (PMF), Tongkat Ali-Source™ as well as Green Tea, Resveratrol, Chondroitin, and more.

About Felda IFFCO Sdn Bhd (FISB)
FISB is a global conglomerate specialized in the development, production and marketing of edible oil products and derivatives for the industrial and consumer segments, operating state-of-the-art facilities in various countries across the globe. FISB is truly a “farmland-to-consumer” organization, sourcing crude edible oils from Felda, the world’s largest plantations group, and adding value with IFFCO’s technology and brand marketing expertise, thereby transforming itself into a leading global food processing organization.

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