Sprunk-Jansen Enters US Herbal Market

Introduces Greek-Arabic Medicine Healing Modality

(Copenhagen, Denmark) February 5, 2008 -- Science and quality in the US natural products industry just went up a notch with Sprunk-Jansen entering the market. The company’s line of products, including herbal supplements and topical creams, will debut at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California March 14 - 17 in booth # 1589.

Sprunk-Jansen formulas are all based upon the well-established Greek-Arabic medicinal tradition used for generations and refined with modern scientific methods. Their safety and efficacy is documented in clinical trials and the results published in internationally recognized journals.

While working with experts throughout the world, the company’s line of products being introduced at Expo West are the result of a peaceful collaboration between Jewish and Arab herbalists and researchers. The line includes products such as GLUCOSE LEVEL™, WEIGHLEVEL™ and topical creams like ANUSALVE™ and RED DRY SKIN. The striking butterfly graphics on the packaging signals naturalness- like all of Sprunk-Jansen products, because the butterfly thrives in natural surroundings that are pure and fresh. For a preview please visit www.sprunk-jansen.com.

“Sprunk- Jansen uses the experience we’ve gained in the pharmaceutical world to apply the strictest medical standards to these natural remedies,” said company founder Erik Sprunk-Jansen. ”The intellectual property behind the products lies in the parts of the plants used, the concentration of the active ingredients, the methods of extraction and the standardization of those actives.”

Founded in 2003 Erik Sprunk-Jansen retired as CEO of the traditional Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck A/S to establish an international company that manufactures and markets herbal medicines. Sprunk-Jansen manufactures distinctive products based on the knowledge and use of medicinal plants in traditional Greek-Arabic medicine. This long-standing tradition is known as a rich source of medical and herbal wisdom, being the original basis of European herbalism and of modern pharmaceutical medicine. His passion for natural remedies is at the heart of the brand that bears his name.

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