Strategic Sourcing Inc. and Alkemists Pharmaceuticals Announce Alliance to Ensure Correct Botanical Identity of Raw Materials

(Reading, PA) Strategic Sourcing Inc. has announced an alliance with Alkemists Pharmaceuticals intended to set the standard for ensuring the authenticity and safety of botanical raw materials in the industry. Under the partnership, products sold by Strategic Sourcing Inc., which is a leader for producing quality raw materials in the botanical community, will now carry a Certificate of Authenticity (C of A) from Alkemists.

Example C of A - TLC and Micro [pdf, 187kb]

“We are very excited that this alliance matches the goals of both of our companies to supply our industry with properly identified botanical raw materials,” said Edward J. Fletcher, Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Sourcing’s Botanical Division. “With the C of A from such a reputable company as Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, our customers will have the extra assurance that they are purchasing exactly what they ordered.”

Alkemists Pharmaceuticals (Costa Mesa, CA) was established in 1997 after the natural products industry faced a serious health risk created by mislabeled raw material. Catalyzed by a series of FDA training courses, Alkemist’s growth over the last decade has focused on the quality control and self regulation of the Dietary Supplement Industry. The company has emerged over the last five years as the natural choice for independent and third party analysis and is committed to assuring that “what is on your label is what is in the bottle.”

Strategic Sourcing Inc. (SSI) is one of North America’s leading suppliers of cultivated botanicals for phytopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and dietary supplement applications. The company has a grower network with over 200 years of combined experience in over 80 species of botanicals. Over the years, SSI has established exceptional cultivation track records by developing production protocols specific to each species and its customers’ specifications.

SSI has established a reputation for providing top quality raw materials at fair market prices. The company’s strength is based on its commitment to assuring a consistent supply of unadulterated raw material.

The alliance between Alkemists and SSI promises to be a win-win solution for the quality conscious client and comes at a critical time for the botanical industry whose reputation is being examined closely by all who have a responsibility in ensuring the product safety of botanicals for the consumer.

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