Support for Prop 37 sees strong decline

Support for Prop 37 sees strong decline

A recent poll found that support for California's Proposition 37 on GMO labeling has dropped significantly since mid-August. Significant funding for the No on 37 campaign to produce television advertising may be influencing viewers decisions on the measure.

Support for Proposition 37 is in serious decline.

The most recent poll from the California Business Roundtable and the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy shows 39.1 percent of surveyed individuals support the measure, 50.5 percent are against it and 10.5 percent of voters are undecided.

A mere two and half months ago the same group had polls showing the complete opposite. In mid-August, 64.9 percent were in favor of the measure, 23.9 percent were against it and 11.3 percent were undecided.

So what’s the reason for this strong turn-around?

The No on 37 campaign, backed by biotech companies, food processors and drink manufactures, raised over $44 million in funding for a slew of television advertising. On the other hand, the Yes campaign only recently started running its own ads after just raising a meager $7 million. Television viewers have received a barrage of messages against the measure and an underwhelming amount of information from supporters, which seems to be influencing voters’ decisions.

For more information, read this article from the LA Times.

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