Survey shows consumers hip to L-carnitine's benefits

Survey shows consumers hip to L-carnitine's benefits

See why supplement users are clamoring for L-carnitine.

A representative survey conducted by the German consumer research organization GfK shows that L-carnitine as well as its health benefits are well known by consumers. The survey was commissioned by Lonza Ltd, Switzerland, who markets high quality L-carnitine products under the Carnipure™ brand.

The representative online survey was done in December 2012 among more than 1,000 German consumers who reported to be at least occasional consumers of any kind of dietary supplements and/or functional foods. L-carnitine was known among 43 percent of the respondents.

Of those, 39 percent could correctly relate L-carnitine supplementation to beneficial effects for weight management, 27 percent to exercise and 20 percent to energy. In the age group of 20- to 39-year-olds, even 50 percent of respondents were aware of L-carnitine, and in general more women than men seem to know it. In the subgroup of people who currently take L-carnitine supplements, 59 percent take it for the purpose of weight management, 33 percent for exercise and 10 percent for cardiovascular health.

“As the use of health claims under Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012 has been limited for health ingredients, it is important to see that L-carnitine is a very well established ingredient and end-consumers are aware of a large variety of health benefits of L-carnitine,” comments Marco Goßen, sales director of nutrition for Germany, Austria and Benelux.

Lonza’s Carnipure ingredients can be found in a large variety of end products throughout the world. It is not only used in dietary supplements, but also in beverages, bars and functional food products. Lonza will continue to promote the benefits of Carnipure L-carnitine via various channels.

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