Tahitian Noni International Statement of Company Restructure

PROVO, Utah, May 25, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In an effort to deliver greater staff support directly in top markets, Tahitian Noni International is announcing a restructure of its home office. A key part of this restructure was a reduction in staff at the company's corporate headquarters located in Provo, Utah. In the past, international support has all been handled from Utah. In the future, support efforts will be handled in our key markets around the world. The company wants to ensure that local markets have staff available to grow the business and offer better services to customers.

We remain dedicated to the continued growth of Tahitian Noni International around the world, and feel confident that these changes will continue to benefit those sales as we restructure our support system worldwide.

Tahitian Noni International is a global, research-driven products company that was the first to introduce the benefits of the noni plant to the world outside Tahiti. Founded by two food research scientists in 1995, the company is a leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of noni-based products including beverages, beauty and spa products, weight management lines and animal nutrition.

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