Tasters give a thumbs up to TRUVIA

Chris Ravitsky
"Tasty, Good!"

Mona & baby Zara Hague
"Tastes Great, I would use it!!"

Tang Fan
"Neat, Natural!!
I like that it is not made with chemicals

Terri Beaty
(woman on left)
"Natural, good flavor
Surprisingly no after taste

Jan Magee

(woman on right)
"Light sweetness no bitterness"

Will Chen
"Excellent, Spectacular!!"

Job Radhmann
"Iced Tea too sweet,
Lemonade very good!!

Patrica Mangiacapre
"Likes the flavor, little too sweet likes
that it is plant based!!"

Satoshi Kobayashi
"It was excellent!!"

Sheila d’Carral

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