Tat Nisasta and Galam Group conclude a marketing and sales agreement

Tat Nisasta, the Turkish starch, glucose and isoglucose manufacturer, has started the set up of a new plant for the production of crystalline fructose, to be commissioned by end 2008.

Tat has granted the worldwide (except Turkey) marketing and sales of the output to Galam Group, the crystalline fructose leading supplier in Europe.

Crystalline fructose is a natural sweetener produced from sugar or corn. The fructose produced today by Galam and later on by TAT is NON GMO and is used in various applications like dairy, beverages, baking etc…

This move, that will enable the increasing of the offer for fructose on the market, is in line with the continuously growing demand for low GI and low calorie natural products.

Galam Group will also assist in technical support at Tat, with the aim of harmonizing

the new production to Galam standard.

In addition to fructose, Galam Group manufactures a wide range of Native and Modified starches and Glucose Syrups. In the last years, the company has established subsidiaries specializing in mineral fortification, bio-functional products and customized solutions for the food and beverage industry.

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