Therma-Med Inc. Diverse Business Model Objectives Gain Momentum

Through recent economical instability, Therma-Med Inc. has successfully continued with their business model of seeking out and acquiring Wellness Clinics, implementing their state-of-the-art technology and medical support systems, and have now expanded the business plan by entering the nutraceutical and wellness products market.

The company has strategically chosen to enter this sector of business knowing that demand for nutraceutical ingredients worldwide is projected to grow at a rate 6% annually as the baby boomers population continues to get older. The company has recently gone 'live' with its online ecommerce shop ( of providing its own branding of nutraceutical products, along with the company's implementation of the DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) services to the recently acquired 'Bella Vita clinic', the company believes that its business model targets all avenues of the wellness center approach by acquiring clinics, implementing the DITI services and then selling its own brand of nutraceuticals for a one stop shop wellness approach.

The company is currently seeking further clinics to acquire in which it can implement its business model and will announce them to its shareholders as negotiations are finalized. The company plans to upload its recent quarterly financials on in the upcoming weeks.

About Therma-Med Inc.
Therma-Med Inc. provides alternative medicinal procedures, premium nutritional supplements, medicinal products and current medical support services by making them available to patients through their clinics and online through e-commerce purchasing applications. Therma-Med Inc., through highly specialized Thermal Imaging and breakthrough alternative procedure clinics, is poised to become a healthcare industry leading company providing the alternative medicine approach to good health, as well as providing patients with an adjunctive diagnostic procedure that effectively pursues and exposes the benefits of early detection and prevention of various medical conditions. Therma-Med Inc. utilizes thermal imaging systems that incorporate state-of-the-art infrared technologies and proprietary software to accurately and cost-effectively measure physiological changes in the human body allowing patients of all walks of life access to a proactive form of maintaining good health and quality of life through early detection and prevention.

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