TicaPAN Quick Crunch cuts costs over gum arabic

TicaPAN Quick Crunch cuts costs over gum arabic

Formulation produces harder, crunchier shells for coated chewing gum, candy, nuts and other panned confections.

TIC Gums’ TicaPAN® Quick Crunch can match or exceed the performance of gum arabic in panned confections like candy and gum with fewer shell layers needed without sacrificing quality or performance while at the same time saving money and time. The company made this announcement during the PMCA, 2013 Annual Conference in Lancaster, Pa.

Better than gum arabic for panned confections
As an alternative to the traditionally used gum arabic, TicaPAN Quick Crunch produces harder, more durable and crunchier shells for coated chewing gum, candy, nuts and other panned confections. TicaPAN Quick Crunch also offers significant cost savings when compared to gum arabic. Patent pending TicaPAN Quick Crunch is the latest addition to the TicaPAN family of coating systems.

How TicaPAN Quick Crunch matches gum arabic product quality while substantially lowering overall costs
Fewer shell layers without any loss of strength is the way, as significant cost in use savings result because fewer panned layers are needed. By reducing the overall shell thickness and maintaining product quality with TicaPAN Quick Crunch, manufacturers can reduce the number of layers (shell thickness) by as much as 10 percent. This in turn reduces manufacturing time and the total amount of raw materials needed in the coating formulation. While TicaPAN Quick Crunch comprises only 1 to 3 percent of the entire formulation, sugar and sugar alcohols constitute 60 to 75 percent of the shell. Reducing these ingredient amounts yields significant savings. The larger the batch, the more money saved.

The need for TicaPAN
The TicaPAN Coating System was developed to provide a solution for the sometimes unstable gum arabic market. While very functional and useful, gum arabic is one of the most difficult gums to source in the world. It is often subject to volatile pricing due to political instability and unfavorable weather conditions.

The TicaPAN Coating System is an innovative solution for binding and strengthening the sugar and sugar alcohol shells in panned confections. This line also works well enrobing nuts, malt balls, chocolate candies and other products with oil containing centers.

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