Treatt Rolls Out New Raspberry Distillate

Global flavor and fragrance ingredients specialist, Treatt USA, has launched Raspberry Treattarome(tm) 9845 - the latest addition to its innovative range of 100% natural, FTNF (From the Named Food) distillates. Wholly-distilled from fresh raspberries, Raspberry Treattarome 9845 offers an authentic, well-rounded raspberry flavor in a variety of food and beverage applications.

Raspberry Treattarome 9845 is produced from top grade raspberries using Treatt's proprietary distillation techniques to guarantee maximum flavor entrapment. It provides a natural, fresh raspberry front end with some seedy notes and a fruity, slightly jammy finish for a full-bodied raspberry profile. At different dosages, Raspberry Treattarome 9845 delivers varying levels of flavor intensity depending on individual requirements. For example, at 0.1%, when used as the sole flavoring, an intense raspberry character with creamy, floral notes predominates. At 0.05% or less, it imparts a fruity, berry character.

A water white, high impact product, Raspberry Treattarome 9845 is particularly suitable for clear beverages. Other successful beverage applications include dairy and alcoholic drinks, juices and fruit punches. In addition, the relatively high levels of hexanol, cis-3-hexenol, 2-heptanol, linalool, gerianiol and beta ionone make Raspberry Treattarome 9845 an effective flavor to blend with tea.

Raspberry Treattarome 9845 is the latest addition to Treatt's expanding portfolio of Treattarome ingredients. Other products in the range include blueberry, mango, banana and kiwi varieties.

Treatt plc is a world-leading independent ingredients supplier to the flavor and fragrance industries. It manufactures and supplies a vast inventory of innovative products, including essential oils and their natural fractions, and aromatic chemicals.

For further information, please contact: Steve Shelton, Treatt USA Inc., 4900 Lakeland Commerce Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33805, USA. Tel: +1 863 668 9500 Fax: +1 863 668 3388 E-mail: [email protected] Or visit:

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