Triarco Launches MyTosterone® Website

In response to an overwhelming number of inquiries about Triarco’s clinically proven testosterone booster, MyTosterone®, the company has
announced it is launching a new informative website today for the patented product. will provide information to consumers and manufacturers who want to learn more about the product’s unique ability to raise testosterone levels in men while lowering levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estradiol.

“MyTosterone is the only product I know of which has been proven in a published clinical study to raise the body’s own levels of testosterone and lower DHT and estradiol,” said Triarco president Rodger Rohde Jr. “Since increases in these other two hormones can be so problematic, I think a lot of men are excited to see a testosterone booster that addresses this.”

Research has shown that testosterone plays a crucial role in men’s health, from body composition and mood to cognitive function and overall mortality rates. However, testosterone can be converted by the body into DHT and estradiol, so some products that raise testosterone levels may end up raising levels of these hormones as well. Increased levels of DHT and estradiol are associated with symptoms such as hair loss,
acne and the accumulation of chest and abdominal fat.

MyTosterone® lowers levels of DHT and estradiol by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for testosterone’s conversion, known as 5-alpha-reductase and aromatase. At the same time, it has been shown to increase testosterone by 60 percent.

“The interaction between various male hormones can be complicated,” said Rohde,” and there is a lot of misinformation out there. We hope the new MyTosterone website will answer some of the questions men have and give them solid, scientific facts about how MyTosterone works.”

The new MyTosterone site may appeal to young and older men alike, since testosterone can impact men’s health and quality of life at every age.

Most men begin losing testosterone by their late 30’s and continue to lose testosterone at a rate of 1-3 percent each year. Testosterone levels can also be affected by lifestyle factors such as poor diet and smoking, use of certain medications, and environmental toxins. Younger men may be concerned about their testosterone levels and how they relate to issues such as muscle strength and fertility. Baby boomers now in their midfifties may be feeling the effects of declining testosterone levels and may struggle with the hair loss, changes in body composition, energy levels and libido that come with age. allows visitors access to MyTosterone research results such as study details and data graphs. It also answers many of the questions frequently asked by consumers since the product debuted in September of 2008.

The published MyTosterone™ clinical study can be found online in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition at:

About—Triarco is a leading supplier of premium and patented natural ingredients, including herbs, extracts, powders and granulations, minerals, plant-derived enzymes and instantized cold-water soluble herbal teas. Triarco was one of the first companies to implement a certified voucher system in combination with an in-house TLC/HPLC quality control program. For thirty years, Triarco has led the way in innovation, quality control, product development and technology. The company holds ten patents and is known for innovative ingredients such as Aminogen®, Carbogen®, Mytosterone®, Phytavail® and Serotain®. To learn more visit or inquire at [email protected].

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