Tully's Coffee Puts Focus On "Healthy Energy"; Adds Yerba Maté To Menu

Sebastopol, California – Tully’s Coffee Corporation (Tully’s), a fully handcrafted coffee roaster, announces the launch of its new line of healthy and energizing yerba maté beverages in partnership with Guayakí, the leading provider of certified organic and fairly traded yerba maté. Handcrafted from yerba maté tree leaves sustainably harvested in the rainforests of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, Guayakí yerba maté is a nourishing, naturally-caffeinated beverage that boosts physical energy and stimulates mental clarity. The exclusive Guayakí yerba maté drinks will be available at all Tully’s locations beginning on January 10.

Tully’s will feature Guayakí’s healthy yerba maté in a series of beverages on the menu, including:

  • Brewed Yerba Maté Tea
  • Yerba Maté Latte - Hot or Iced
  • Yerba Maté Mocha - Hot or Iced
  • Yerba Maté Shake
  • Yerba Maté Boost – add to a Mango or Cran-Raspberry Smoothie

Two new varieties of Guayakí's bottled yerba maté drinks, the first ready-to-drink yerba maté beverages, will be sold out of the cooler and Guayakí’s loose yerba maté, traditional tea bags, blended tea bags and gourd gift packs will also be offered. Tully's is the first major specialty coffee company to feature the entire line of Guayakí products at cafe locations.

“We are very excited to partner with Guayakí and expand our specialty beverage lineup at Tully’s to include premium organic yerba maté,” said John Buller, president and CEO of Tully’s. “We hope this will give our core coffee drinking customers another reason to visit our stores during the day for a different kind of boost, and that the new offerings will bring in new customers who are familiar with or curious about the beverage.”

Yerba Maté: The Stimulating Drink in the Healthy Beverage Category

Centuries ago, the indigenous people of the South American rainforests discovered that the leaves of the yerba maté tree boosted and sustained their energy. The plant became a staple of their diet and a base ingredient in herbal medicine. Yerba maté contains 196 active compounds including 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) and saponins - phytochemicals that bolster the immune system.

“The unique combination of complete nutrition and balanced stimulation make yerba maté the healthiest source of energy on the planet,” said David Karr, co-founder of Guayakí. “With the introduction of delicious new drink styles, yerba maté is quickly becoming one of the hottest food and beverage trends in North America. Our partnership with a leading coffee company like Tully’s demonstrates that yerba maté is ready for prime time.”

About Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products

Founded in 1996, Guayakí is the leading provider of organic, fairly-traded, rainforest-grown yerba maté in North America with products sold at thousands of natural foods stores, cafes and supermarkets. The award-winning company integrates the triple bottom line principles of economic viability, social justice, and environmental stewardship in all aspects of their business. The result is an innovative business model called Market Driven Restoration in which Guayakí serves as a bridge linking consumer purchases of healthy yerba maté products in North America with indigenous communities engaged in sustainable agriculture and reforestation projects in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. Each person that drinks two servings per day of Guayakí yerba maté helps protect approximately one acre of rainforest every year. For more information, visit www.guayaki.com or call 1-888-GUAYAKI.

About Tully’s Coffee Corporation

Founded in 1992, Tully’s Coffee Corporation is a fully handcrafted coffee roaster and a leading specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler, dedicated to small-batch roasting and hand scooping each and every blend. Through company-operated and licensed specialty retail stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Arizona and its global alliance partner in Japan, Tully’s premium coffees are available at more than 350 branded locations. Tully’s wholesale division also distributes handcrafted coffees and related products via office coffee services, food service distributors, and leading supermarkets located throughout the western half of the United States. Tully’s corporate headquarters and roasting plant are located at

3100 Airport Way S.
in Seattle, Wash. For more information, call (800) 96-TULLY or visit the website at www.tullys.com .
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