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TVGoods to launch new platform as direct marketing goes increasingly mobile

Consumers can now order nutrition products off the TV via remotes or smartphones without having to leave their couches.

TVGoods, a direct marketing company, has partnered with digital transaction platform Delivery Agent to create a system allowing TV viewers the ability to order advertised products using their remote controls or smartphones, without having to call in. The new system should complement TVGoods’s recent acquisition of, a leading internet retailer of goods marketed on informercials.

The new system essentially enables consumers to make impulse buys without leaving their couches, or desired products can be added to a shopping cart via a smartphone, and then purchased on a computer later.

Though TVGoods offers mostly the non-food goods and nifty inventions typically of infomercial advertising, the company also markets nutrition products, including the energy drink powder Fein and aloe dietary supplement AloeMed.

NBJ Bottom Line

Direct-response marketing has become an increasingly fragmented industry, especially with the rise of mobile and internet retail.

Though goods continue to be marketed through television advertisements—and through increasingly popular home-shopping channels like QVC and HSN—the point of sale occurs more and more often online.

Nutrition companies that adopt multi-channel strategies are garnering sales growth faster than single-channel players. Feature Perricone MD, a long-time direct marketer of nutribeauty products, that has found renewed life with a channel approach that targets QVC for marketing its premium skincare line, while selling another line via the internet and through Sephora.

And TVGoods’s latest development also intercepts new developments in online grocery shopping, as marketing strategies go increasingly mobile.

DRTV is far from dead in the nutrition industry, and TVGoods has made a proactive move to stay competitive with new technologies.

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