Two new Praeventia bars contain Wellmune WGP

Two new Praeventia bars contain Wellmune WGP

Groupe Biscuits Leclerc extends its line of Praeventia bars containing Wellmune WGP to include Nut Burst and Nuts & Dark Chocolate Chip 70% Cocoa.

Groupe Biscuits Leclerc has extended its line of Praeventia bars containing Wellmune WGP, a natural ingredient clinically proven to enhance key immune responses, with the launch of two new products.

The company recently introduced Praeventia Nut Burst and Praeventia Nuts & Dark Chocolate Chip 70% Cocoa. Both products contain six bars created with carefully selected ingredients. Each bar contains 100 milligrams of Wellmune WGP and 5 grams of protein.

Wellmune WGP is beta 1,3/1,6 gluco polysaccharide derived from the cell wall of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. Wellmune activates neutrophils, which are the largest population of immune cells in the body and part of the body’s first line of defense. Peer-reviewed clinical research consistently demonstrates the ability of Wellmune WGP to benefit upper respiratory health and improve overall health even during periods of high physical and lifestyle stress.

“Leclerc is proud to offer delicious products that contribute to overall health and well-being of our customers,” said Frédéric Langlois, vice president of R&D at Groupe Biscuits Leclerc. “Wellmune’s strong scientific foundation reflects this core company philosophy.”

Leclerc first introduced products with Wellmune WGP in 2010 with the launch of two flavors of Praeventia Cookies, an innovative line of functional cookies that contained healthy ingredients including inulin and polyphenols (antioxidants).

“We are pleased that Wellmune continues to part of the healthy and great-tasting choices of the Praeventia product line,” said Rich Mueller, Biothera president and chief executive officer.






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