Two New Weight Management Ingredients Introduced By Maypro Industries

Vegetable Based Alternative to Chitosan and new fish based weight loss ingredient Introduced

Purchase, NY—June 16, 2006 -- MAYPRO INDUSTRIES INC, announces the launch of two new weight loss ingredients from Japan. Chitoglucan is a compound extracted from edible mushroom and Bonimax is derived from the bonito fish.

Chitoglucan compares to the more familiar Chitosan which is made from shrimp or crab shells. Chitoglucan has been extensively used for many years as a food ingredient. Research suggests that the compound may play a role in the control of fat absorption by both trapping and blocking fat from intestinal mucous membranes. Chitoglucan absorbs water in the intestines and has higher functionality than vegetable fiber.

When Chitoglucan is taken before a meal, it coats the gastrointestinal mucosa membrane, preventing the absorption of fat and promotes the formation of micelles, which trap fat.

Chitoglucan has been shown to be of benefit for many health conditions related to:

1. Heart health
2. Fat utilization
3. Sugar management
4. Immune system support
5. Intestinal health

Bonimax, an appetite suppressant derived from the Bonito Fish originating in Japan. The bonito fish (Katsuwonus) is well known throughout Japan and has been consumed for many centuries.

Obesity and eating habit studies conducted in Japan demonstrated that a population having a high intake of bonito fish had a smaller incident of obesity. This led to the launch of Bonimax as a weight loss ingredient for appetite suppression and fat burning.

Bonimax is a histidine rich material with approximate histidine content of 20,000 mg per 100 grams. The product is also rich in various other amino acids such as taurine (content of approximately 4700mg per 100gram). When taken, the histidine in the Bonimax converts to Histamine, which stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain causing a sensation of fullness.

Bonimax can be utilized in Sports Nutrition applications due to this natural histidine content.

Animal test results are available upon request.

Maypro Industries, Inc. is the exclusive agent of Ricom for Chitoglucan and the exclusive agent of Maruhachi Muramatsu for Bonimax and is seeking to develop these highly effective patented branded products into the U.S. market.

Learn more about Chitoglucan and Bonimax and how they can maximize the potential of your weight loss product line at

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