UNPA welcomes Ortho Molecular Products

UNPA welcomes Ortho Molecular Products

Pioneering supplement provider to the health care professional channel has developed products such as Natural D-Hist, Ortho Biotic and Orthomega.

The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), an international association of forward-looking companies dedicated to providing consumers with natural health products of superior quality, benefit and reliability, is pleased to welcome Ortho Molecular Products Inc., as its newest member.
A pioneer in providing supplement products to the health care professional and practitioner channels, Ortho Molecular Products has been manufacturing dietary supplements for more than 25 years. The Woodstock, Ill.-based company is an innovation leader, having developed products such as Natural D-Hist, Ortho Biotic and Orthomega.
Deeply committed to its longstanding pledge to honor the doctor-patient relationship, Ortho Molecular believes evidence-based, lifestyle and nutrition therapies will transform the practice of medicine. To that end, the company is dedicated to creating innovative clinical models to help healthcare professionals implement lifestyle medicine into their clinical practice.
“UNPA has a long history of advocacy for the natural products industry,” said Aaron Bartz, president of Ortho Molecular Products. “UNPA’s commitment to providing quality educational programs and promoting best practices in the supplement industry closely aligns with our longstanding goal to manufacture world-class products to serve the healthcare professional market. We are very honored to be a part of the UNPA family and are looking forward to collaborating with other members to continue the work of protecting consumers’ access to high quality dietary supplements.”
“Ortho Molecular Products has set a high bar for the manufacture of innovative, science-based products for more than two decades,” said Loren Israelsen, UNPA president. “We are delighted to have them as our newest member for many reasons: they are a leader in quality manufacturing standards, they have a visionary management team, and the company fully embraces UNPA’s state chapter initiative and will be an important leader in our Wisconsin chapter. UNPA looks forward to working with the Ortho Molecular team in their commitment to serving the medical community as a new era in personalized and lifestyle medicine emerges.”

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