Update on Naturex Foundation’s Activities

Avignon – 18th February 2010 – The Naturex Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of communities where Naturex sources raw materials. It operates through global and local community programs. Our Foundation currently supports projects in Morocco, Peru and India:

- In Morocco, the project launched in 2008 has been successfully achieved. The goal was to promote social integration for a group of young disabled people in the area of Ouarzazate and Zagora. Excluded from the formal educational system, these young people find themselves without any appropriate academic structure. Ten young Moroccans were sponsored by the Foundation. They have successfully followed their learning program and now have their own farm. The challenge is now to ensure that they keep conducting their small business properly and at the same time the board of the foundation is finalizing the next project to run in this country.

- In Peru, our project in cooperation with "Kalisayas Out Reach" focuses on the improvement of the living conditions for the people who live in Ninacaca, a village located in the Peruvian highlands. In this remote area, locals face daily challenges, particularly regarding health care access and education. The Naturex Foundation has helped to improve the dental office by supplying medical devices. In parallel, our Foundation contributes to maintain an Internet centre with computer courses for children. These actions sustainably improve the lives of people in Ninacaca.

- In India, our Foundation supports the project “Poverty alleviation through the promotion of agricultural micro-enterprises”. Located in the north of India (Sahaspur Block), this project is driven by Agrisud, a non-profit organization. It helps in fighting poverty by creating small farms specialized in the production of aromatic plants. The beneficiaries are locals who live under the poverty line. This project has just started and is expected to generate around 20 new farms in 2010.

Day after day, the Naturex Foundation works to supply the essential needs of vulnerable groups, to help people outside mainstream society find lasting employment, and to preserve the earth and its resources. These current programs will pave the way for many other projects all over the world, as the scope of activity of our Foundation is not limited to
Morocco, Peru and India.

About the Naturex Foundation
The Naturex Foundation is an independent entity with its own resources, which supports in particular education, medicine, and basic necessities in communities from which Naturex derives plant materials, outside of any economic interest.

Jacques Dikansky – President of the Naturex Foundation
Phone : 04 90 23 96 89 - [email protected]
Antoine Dauby – Secretary of the Naturex Foundation
Phone : 04 90 23 96 89 - [email protected]
www.foundation.naturex. com

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