Van Drunen Farms Offers Oat-Coated, Low-Moisture Blueberries

For blueberries that go with the flow and do not get caught up in your processing systems, look to Van Drunen Farms (VDF) for Oat-coated, Low-moisture Blueberries.

Offering excellent flowability and piece identity, these blueberries are the perfect choice for adding delicious, real blueberries to bakery products, bars, granola, cold cereals or hot cereals such as oatmeal. These low-moisture infused blueberries are lightly coated in oat flour to help prevent stickiness which can occur when using an infused berry, making them ideal for adding to existing processing systems where flowability may be a concern.

VDF is proud to offer this custom coating technology with a proven track record for success.

Van Drunen Farms currently offers wild and cultivated Oat-coated, Low-moisture Blueberries. Customization is available using other coating options such as rice flour, blueberry powder, or other powders or oils.

For a complete list of low-moisture fruits available from Van Drunen Farms, visit the products section of our website,

About Van Drunen Farms
Van Drunen Farms is a family-owned company, located in the fertile farmland of the Midwest. VDF is a primary processor of culinary, all-natural and functional food ingredients, specializing in certified organic and conventional fruits, vegetables, herbs and specialty products for the food industry. Customization is a specialty. For more information about Oat-coated, Low-moisture Blueberries contact Irv Dorn at tel: 815-472-3100 or fax: 815-472-3850, or [email protected]. For more information about Van Drunen Farms, visit our website at

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