Vitafoods Europe debuts Nutra Insights Hub

Vitafoods Europe debuts Nutra Insights Hub

New hub is packed with entirely independent and noncommercial presentations, offering crucial insights into the industry’s growth areas.

The rapidly developing nutraceutical industry is bursting with opportunity, with fast-moving regulatory developments and evolving trends in areas including personalised nutrition, disease management, sports nutrition and cardiovascular health.

Such developments offer exciting opportunities, but manufacturers might feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding which to pursue. It’s for this reason that Vitafoods Europe launches the brand new Nutra Insights Hub, which is packed with entirely independent and noncommercial presentations, offering crucial insights into the industry’s growth areas.

With manufacturers required to stay on top of the latest trends in order to meet consumer expectations, the Nutra Insights Hub will illuminate many of the industry’s main talking points. No longer limited to the in the realm of body builders, sports nutrition offers opportunities with new demographics including amateur sportspeople and even an older age group. Equally, as the baby boomers move into their senior years, understanding this complex market can put manufacturers on the road to success. 

Meanwhile, manufacturers must remain sensitive to regional preferences, consumer profiles and behaviour. In emerging markets, entry-level products often make general well-being claims, whereas in developed markets there is a taste for products making specific well-defined claims.

The Nutra Insights Hub includes tailored country focuses – outlining trends in mature markets, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as emerging markets such as Russia and Turkey, where the health and wellness industry grew by an impressive 8.2 percent in 2012.

Understanding the latest regulatory developments is also highly important for companies wishing to seize opportunities. To help navigate this complex minefield, the Nutra Insights Hub includes talks on what is meant by ‘novel’, the importance of understanding different EU member state interpretations of health claims, and how to market goods across the EU in cases where regulations aren’t harmonised across member states.

“Market and trends intelligence is central to developing effective business plans and marketing campaigns. The nutraceutical industry is dynamic, with new trends emerging, new legislation affecting product development and shifting consumer preferences, making it vital that companies within the nutraceutical industry keep their fingers on the pulse,” says Vitafoods Portfolio Director Chris Lee. 

“The Nutra Insights Hub offers invaluable information to those companies wishing to tap into the latest opportunities in the nutraceutical industry.”

The noncommercial seminars and presentations within the Nutra Insights Hub are delivered by leading associations and research bodies, including Euromonitor, EAS Strategic Advice, the European Nutraceutical Association, Innova Market Insights, Mintel and the International Probiotics Association.



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