Vital Solutions opens Innovation Laboratory

Vital Solutions opens Innovation Laboratory

Innovation Laboratory in Tägerwilen, Switzerland, will leverage technologies such as bioassays and phytochemical analysis to support ingredient development.

Vital Solutions Swiss AG is now fully operational and is announcing the opening of its Innovation Laboratory, supporting the research and development of proprietary science-based health ingredients. The Innovation Laboratory will leverage technologies such as bioassays and phytochemical analysis to support the product development of natural health care ingredients with scientifically proven beneficial effects.

“Our goal is to provide world class phytochemical and biological support to our customers,” says Dr. Karin Berger Büter, CSO of Vital Solutions Swiss AG. “The phyto-medicinal industry is looking for partners who can investigate safety and efficacy of potential candidates at an early development stage. In addition we see a high demand for bioequivalence studies of natural products and the development and validation of phytochemical analytical methods used in quality assurance.”

Talent acquisition to staff the new facility is underway. Based on a market-orientated dynamic strong R&D platform, Vital Solutions focuses on the development of natural ingredients which improve quality of human life by feeling good and aging well.

“The overall advantage of the new facility”, says Dr. Buchwald-Werner, CEO of Vital Solutions Swiss AG, “is that we can now develop new ingredients faster and with a higher degree of confidence. The time to market will be dramatically reduced for our pipeline ingredients; in addition it will strengthen our innovation capacity because in-house technologies enable us to react quickly to intermediate results and to maneuver our ingredients efficient through the development process.”

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