Vitiva Launches Natural Preservative for Fish Protection

Vitiva, Slovenia, launches all-natural formulation of INOLENS® line for fresh fish and fish products for full protection against rancidity. Derived from unique highly concentrated rosemary extract, this new grade of INOLENS® 4 has no influence on taste, odour or colour of highly sensitive fish applications i.e. fresh salmon fillet.

Due to their nature and nutritional composition, fish and fish products are highly susceptible to oxidation and degradation. Classic thermal processing methods like cooling, freezing and sterilisation are usually deployed to protect and extend shelf-life of fish and fish products.

The high demand for fresh fish drives manufacturers to seek new natural solutions that would tackle the problem of oxidation and extend the fish shelf-life.

"Traditional rosemary products cannot provide good protection for fish and fish products, due to their flavour, strong odour and colour impact on the final application," says Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva.
The new product can be used in dosages that are up to six times higher than the traditional rosemary extract that is available on the market. The higher dosages therefore offer optimum protection for such sensitive applications while significantly extending the shelf-life of fresh fish”.

This new oil-soluble and water-dispersible INOLENS® 4 preservative can be utilised by injection, dry tumbling and mixing with marinades and spice mixes. This new formula is highly pure and includes an extremely low amount of essential oils.

Vitiva is a dynamic, fast-growing nutraceuticals company specialising in developing advanced, application-specific formulations based on natural extracts for protecting various food and cosmetic products against rancidity and oxidative degradation. Its extensive product line includes: AquaRox®, VivOX® and SyneROX®. In addition, a full range of reduced-odour rosemary extracts, INOLENS®, is available in a wide range of concentrations. These pure extracts are soluble in oil or water and available in powder and liquid forms.

For more information please contact:
Dushka Dimitrijevic
Product Manageress
Tel: +386 2 1788 87 38
Fax: +386 2 788 87 31
E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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