Vitiva Launches √Poultry for Better Moisture Retention

Vitiva, Slovenia, launches √Poultry, a readymade solution for poultry moisture retention and anti-rancidity protection, to the poultry market in Europe. It is a unique combination of naturally mineral-rich sea salt and Vitiva’s patented VivOX®4 formulation. √Poultry is a result of Vitiva joint venture with FutureMeat, The Netherlands.

√Poultry is a complete natural replacement for phosphates and other synthetic moisture-retention ingredients as well as synthetic antioxidants used in poultry processing making it a preferred moisture-retention ingredient for poultry. It enables exceptional water binding features, improves juiciness and mouth feel.

“Beyond its unique features and advantages in comparison to other synthetic ingredients used in poultry processing, √Poultry is very cost effective for natural liquid binding since it provides better yield and enhanced antirancidity protection of the product in comparison to traditional phsophates and antioxidants,” says Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva.

√Poultry is a perfect natural choice for poultry producers seeking innovative and easy-to-use ingredients without compromising on product quality. Its outstanding features include: increasing yield up to 20 % as opposed to non-injected poultry; it’s heat stable during processing; it maintains its anti-oxidative activity even at temperatures up to 240°C; and it provides a complete anti-rancidity protection while increasing product shelf life. √Poultry also enables lower injection rates, resulting in introducing less liquid and keeping the natural meat juices.

“√Poultry enables poultry processors to receive clean label for their products, making it the most desirable ingredient for improving product quality and functionality,” notes Cohen.

Vitiva is a leading, fast-growing and innovative company providing advanced, application-specific solutions based on natural extracts for the food, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. Its extensive portfolio includes: VivOX®, INOLENS®, AquaRox® and SyneROX® products. As a science-driven company, Vitiva offers extensive technical support to help its customers launch new products in a timely manner.
For more information please contact:
Ohad Cohen
Tel: +386 2 1788 87 38 Fax: +386 2 788 87 31
E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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