What info to share with investors

What info to share with investors

Don't show up to an investor pitch empty-handed. Andy Whitman of 2x Consumer Products Growth Partners says these four items offer the info CPG investors want most.

We’re regularly asked, "What should we show investors?"  While there’s no single right answer, we’d suggest having:

1. One page executive summary. Download an example summary here.

2. Short Power Point that tells the story. Guy Kawasaki does a great job talking to his 10/20/30 rule:  ten slides, no more than twenty minutes, and no font smaller than thirty-point. Well said Guy!

3. Detailed bottoms-up (vs. a “there’s a billion people in the addressable market and we can get 0.5%, so...”) financial model in excel. Please don’t ever send anyone a PDF of a model—it defeats the purpose of being able to see the assumptions, etc.

4. OPTIONAL (and more for your use than investors in our opinion): Detailed business plan in word format.  Keep it under 30 pages, including the summary of financials. Make it the place to play out all your details and assumptions. Often, it’s a way a founder can see the gaps in their own plan that might not be obvious in a shorter Power Point.

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