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Wheat Germ Milk Drink

Wheat Germ Milk Drink
Record ID: 1301533
Company: Present Wheater Beverage (Nissin Hualong Food Group)
Brand: Yan Sheng Yuan Su
Category: Dairy
Sub-Category: Flavoured Milk
Country: China
Date Published: 06 Apr 2010
Product source: Shopper
Launch Type: New Product
Price in local currency: 60.00
Price in US Dollars: 8.79
Price in Euros: 6.49
Bar Code: 6939729901340

Product Description
Yan Sheng Yuan Su Wheat Germ Milk Drink is made from 8300 wheat germs and contains multi vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin D. This product is described as the new generation nutrition drink. The drink retails in a multipack containing 12 x 350ml bottles.
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Wheat Germ Milk Drink



Ingredients: Water, white granulated sugar, whole milk powder, concentrated apple juice, concentrated whey protein, malt extract powder (07g per litre), wheat germ oil (0.05g per litre), food additives (edible thickener, citric acid, lactic acid, sodium citrate, edible essence, aspartame (contains phenylalanine), acesulfame-k, nisin, magnesium sulfate, EDTA iron, zinc gluconate, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B12)
Nutrition: Per 100ml: Energy 179kJ, Protein 1g, Fat 1g, Carbohydrate 7.1g, Sodium 28mg, Calcium 32mg, Vitamin A 70 µg-RE, Vitamin D 0.7µg, Potassium 40mg, Magnesium 7mg, Iron 0.32mg, Zinc 0.32mg, Vitamin E 1.25 mg-alpha-TE, Vitamin B1 0.1mg, Vitamin B6 0.04mg, Vitamin B12 0.1µg, Niacin 1.1mg

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