YoCream Announces High Culture™ Frozen Yogurt with HOWARU® Premium Probiotics

YoCream announces new High Culture™ Frozen Yogurt with HOWARU® premium probiotics, the first soft serve frozen yogurt in the US with beneficial probiotics clinically proven to strengthen the body’s natural digestive system. YoCream International, Inc. (YOCM), with headquarters and a dairy and manufacturing facility in Portland, OR, is a pioneer and leading producer of frozen yogurt, desserts and beverages in the US.

“At YoCream we have always cultured our frozen yogurts through a natural fermentation process, providing high counts of beneficial probiotic cultures,” stated Gardner. “Now we are introducing YoCream High Culture™ Frozen Yogurt which is enhanced with an acidophilus probiotic that is backed by scientific studies which document their health benefits.”

Recommended daily dose
YoCream, with technical support from Danisco, developed High Culture™ Frozen Yogurt. This new sweet creamy soft serve frozen yogurt contains L. acidophilus NCFM™ (trade name HOWARU® Dophilus) at a high viable cell count throughout the product shelf-life. With 1 billion L. acidophilus NCFM™ probiotics bacteria per serving, the High Culture Frozen Yogurt provides consumers with the recommended daily dose to get health benefits including:

Supports good digestive health
Improves intestinal microbial balance
Aids in the digestion of dairy products
Inhibits harmful bacteria and promotes improved digestion

“HOWARU® Dophilus is the world’s best documented Lactobacillus acidophilus and the only L. acidophilus with its genome fully sequenced”, remarked Peggy Steele, Danisco Global Business Director. “Studies began on this strain in the early 1970s, so there are many years of proven safety and efficacy.”

YoCream High Culture™ Frozen Yogurt with L. acidophilus NCFM™ promotes improved digestion and improved intestinal microbial balance. Studies have shown that ingestion of probiotics is beneficial in maintaining the body’s delicate microbial balance, which is a critical factor in human health and well-being. The gastrointestinal tract is the body’s largest immune organ, containing an estimated 80% of all antibody-producing cells. The intestinal microbiota represents one of the key elements in the body’s immune defense system. An immune system that functions optimally is an important safeguard against infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Truly unique
“One of YoCream’s missions is to promote “high culture” as a premium probiotic product to the public and to help educate the consumer about this truly unique frozen yogurt,” stated Gardner. “For us, it has always been a priority to develop delightful cultured products that every consumer can enjoy and that are held in high esteem in the market. In fact, our new High Culture™ Frozen Yogurt and our Original Tart Frozen Yogurts meet the National Yogurt Association’s (NYA) culture requirements for refrigerated cup yogurt, so consumers are able to enjoy their daily cultures in frozen yogurt, too.” YoCream produces over 50 varieties of frozen yogurt, all of which meet and exceed the NYA’s criteria for live and active culture yogurt and YoCream is proud to display the Live and Active Cultures seal on its products.

To learn more about YoCream® High Culture™ Frozen Yogurt call 1-800-YOCREAM or visit http://www.yocream.com/high_culture.php. To learn more about HOWARU® Dophilus visit www.howaru.com .

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