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Youngevity and Tidal Wave Join Forces

SAN DIEGO, CA - International Nutritional Products Company Youngevity® announced today its strategic alliance with Kentucky-based network marketing company, Tidal Wave™. With this partnership, Tidal Wave™ will bring their wellness, skincare and personal care product lines to Youngevity’s® expanding line of nutritional supplements, cutting-edge personal care and wellness lifestyle products.

This marks the sixth time Youngevity® has aligned itself with another similar MLM company within the past 32 months. The companies have seamlessly united under one vision, further increasing long-term stability, as well as growth opportunities for distributors from all companies.

Established in 2003 by CEO Kenny Jeanette, Tidal Wave’s™ company purpose is to help others “Look Well, Feel Well, Live Well”. Built by distributors for distributors, Tidal Wave™ has strategically implemented a product line and business model that will forge steady growth into the future.

“With our latest addition of Tidal Wave™, Youngevity® is now one step closer to fulfilling its goal of alignment with like-minded companies to better strengthen and enhance our position in the worldwide market as a leader in health, wellness and anti-aging products,” said Steve Wallach, President of Youngevity®.

Youngevity®, a leading designer of dietary supplements and cutting-edge personal care and wellness lifestyle products, was founded in 1997 by Joel D. Wallach BS, DVM, ND, and Ma Lan MD, MS, with the intent to help people “Live Younger Longer!”, and markets worldwide through a network of independent distributors. With Global headquarters in Chula Vista, California, Youngevity® holds international offices in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. For more information, visit,, and


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