ZMC Dedication to Supply Quality Raw Materials

Houston, TX - May 25, 2007 - Recently, much has been said about the quality of food product presented from China and the concerns for safety. We at Zhejiang Medicine Company understand and share the concern. But, we also want to point out that within any industry or any country, there will be organizations dedicated to quality and those dedicated to gross profits at any cost with only the laws of supply and demand as the guidelines for manufacturing and sales. ZMC is an organization which has been dedicated to quality manufacturing practices and fair pricing policies since 1954.

Our mission is one of corporate responsibility to our customers, our employees and the world. Our facilities have successfully passed audits by many customers and government agencies. Our employees have created an excellent range of products and we are well known for our safety record within our manufacturing facilities. ZMC maintains ISO 14001 certification which demonstrates our commitment to the environment and manufacturing under the highest and strictest eco friendly guidelines. From the dedicated and self controlled water purification to the state of the art air filtration and purification systems, ZMC provides quality manufacturing designed to support both the employees and the products they manufacture.

ZMC also maintains GMP certification reinforcing the commitment to the highest quality standards available. ZMC has been an API pharmaceutical manufacturing facility for most of its 53 year history and maintains FDA Registration.

ZMC is committed to its partnerships within the North American market through associations such as United Natural Products Alliance and Pacific Technology Exchange for the dietary supplement market and sponsorships for industry advancing tradeshows such as Supply Side East and Supply Side West. Zhejiang Medicine Company is also proud to partner with our customer Novartis to support major contributions for the delivery of 4.7M treatments of anti-malarial medicine to Tanzania on Africa Malaria Day on April 27, 2007.

In conclusion, all of us at Zhejiang Medicine Company will continue to demonstrate our commitment to safety, security, quality and reliability. ZMC is, and has always been, dedicated to providing our customers with the finest products on the market. Please be assured ZMC is as concerned about the safety and quality of food ingredients as you. ZMC will continue to do its part by continuing to follow strict GMP guidelines insuring continued quality and reliability. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter. All of us at Zhejiang Medicine Company thank you for your continued support, trust and confidence.

ZMC is a multicultural organization offering high quality leading edge pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients worldwide. ZMC respects and understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction and is committed to achieving the highest level of both.

Contact: Jaclyn Seminiano (281) 419-6050


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