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Walmart plans for growing U.S. Hispanic population

Walmart plans for growing U.S. Hispanic population

America's largest retailer says it is integrating Hispanics into every aspect of its marketing, operations and merchandising plans. Are you doing the same?

Hispanics now make up 16 percent of the U.S. population, according to 2010 census findings, and this growing demographic is of increasing importance to the country’s largest retailer, Walmart, Supermarket News reports.

“We’re striving to integrate Hispanics into every step of our marketing process, and beyond to merchandising and operations,” Tony Rogers, Walmart’s senior vice president for brand marketing said during the SymphonyIRI Group’s Summit on March 29.

Why put so much focus on Hispanic consumers? Rogers said it is because this burgeoning demographic group is changing the face of America’s largest cities.

“Places that were traditionally in the top 20 like Baltimore, Milwaukee and Boston are now giving way to new growth centers like El Paso, Texas,” said Rogers. “Does anyone have a marketing plan for El Paso, Texas? I doubt it.”

Roger’s advice to retailers is to “reapportion marketing budgets and select sites for stores based on data that maps the growth of Hispanics,” Supermarket News reports.

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