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In Session

How to address organic supply chain integrity

Natural Products Expo West panel talks about fraud in the marketplace, specifically around supply chain integrity.
How can the natural products industry address organic fraud and other issues? This panel presentation recorded at Natural Products Expo West examines the complexities of the supply chain, fraud, and what individuals and the industry can do. Dive into this In Session segment to learn more.

“Fraud prevention starts at home. It starts in your own business; it starts where we work and live. It’s important to work together and push for better data on tracking and oversight. Together we’re making progress. It’s talking about the challenges, and talking about what to do, that we move forward.”

—Jake Lewin, CCOF Certification Services 

Part 1: Kim Dietz—Fraud


  • A best-practices guide is being developed to manage supply chain integrity. 
  • Initiatives around the 2018 Farm Bill Platform focus on the National Organic Program and trade oversight.
  • What can you do to help? 


Part 2: Jake Lewin—Respond and move forward


  • Audit protocols need to be strengthened and standardized. 
  • Success will come when we work together across the supply chain to identify and address oversights. 



Part 3: Tom Chapman—Focus on import integrity 


  • Import integrity focuses not only on regulations, but also training and best practices.
  • Increased import accountability and liability can have varied effects.
  • What is the value in auditing a product from shelf to field?
  • What are the opportunities for public input? 



Part 4: C.J.—Complexities of the supply chain


  • Issues in current organic supply chains are fragmented and require more transparency and enforcement.
  • Four steps to take to ensure organic integrity in your supply chain.
  • Five recommended actions the industry can take.


Part 5: Audience Q&A


  • Can we combine the organic certifications on imports with the existing requirements of the Foreign Supplier Vendor Program?
  • Why not require the same mass balance system of the industry as you do of regulators?   


This session—Growing Organic: Upholding Supply Chain Integrity—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides.

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