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How Alter Eco is leading the way in full-circle sustainability

Edouard Rollet, co-founder of Alter Eco, reveals how and why the successful chocolate brand focuses on circular sustainability.

"What can we do or what are we doing or what can we do better that creates a virtuous, self-sustaining system of the food circle?" 

These are basic questions that make up Alter Eco's guiding principles, according to the company's co-founder Edouard Rollet. 

Regenerative Voices Edouard Rollet.pngIn episode 3 of the Regenerative Voices Podcast, produced by At the Epicenter, Rollet delves into why Alter Eco isn't just another chocolate brand. It's leading the way conducting "business as it should be" by building a brand based on full-circle sustainability: choosing clean ingredients, investing in farmers, regenerating the earth and eliminating waste. Sure, some of these areas of concern might be considered "aspirations" as of right now, as Rollet mentions, but they're a core foundation in terms of how Alter Eco continues to grow and expand.

So how does a successful brand like Alter Eco put its guiding principles into practice? And what impactful work comes next for it?

Click here to listen and watch: Regenerative Voices™ Ep 3–Edouard Rollet.

Esca Bona Sponsor Logos.jpgOur vision for Esca Bona is to champion and build a roadmap for efforts that are regenerative, nourishing and accessible. In the spirit of this mission, the Esca Bona community is partnering with At The Epicenter to produce The Regenerative Earth Summit: Soil + Water + Climate in 2019.

Want to make a regenerative impact? Join the conversation October 28-30 in Boulder, Colorado, focused on the impacts the food, fashion and beauty industries have on our planet.

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