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Patagonia CEO shares 3 things we must do to save our planet

Rose Marcario, CEO and president of Patagonia, shares three critical things we must do in order to save our planet.

"We need a regenerative revolution because we're killing the planet," declares Rose Marcario, CEO and president of Patagonia.

Marcario is the inagural guest on the Regenerative Voices™ podcast produced by At The Epicenter; a Colorado-based non-profit organization hosting conversations and events that harness the power of business to address societal challenges. Seleyn Deyarus is the host of Regenerative Voices and founder of At The Epicenter, and in the proceeding episodes, she's highlighting stories of regenerative business in order to activate positive change.

regenerative-voices-podcast-patagonia.pngEpisode 1 was recorded live at Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Fiber + Climate in December 2018 and dives into the core of our climate crisis. As the leader of Patagonia, a company paving the way with positive climate change work, Marcario expresses how critical it is that we act now to save our planet and act with absolute urgency.

She focuses on the three things we all must do in order to protect the future of our planet for generations to come and provides attainable, impactful next steps for us all to take.

Click here to listen and watch: Regenerative Voices™ Ep 1 -- Rose Marcario.


Our vision for Esca Bona is to champion and build a roadmap for efforts that are regenerative, nourishing and accessible. In the spirit of this mission, the Esca Bona community is partnering with At The Epicenter to produce The Regenerative Earth Summit: Soil + Water + Climate in 2019.

Want to make a regenerative impact? Join the conversation October 28-30 in Boulder, Colorado, focused on the impacts the food, fashion and beauty industries have on our planet.

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