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The Road to Natural: The rise of regenerative

Crop being loaded into truck
In the fourth installment of The Road to Natural series, Nutrition Business Journal Editor and Iowa aronia berry farmer Andrew Pittz visit farms and brands on the way to Natural Products Expo East to take the pulse of the regenerative agriculture movement.

This series is underwritten by NOW Foods.

Regenerative agriculture and its philosophical cousin, biodynamic, are held up as the ultimate expression of organics, with the capacity to keep the land and the planet healthy as soil-saving techniques hold the potential to trap carbon and combat global warming.

But nobody said it was going to be easy.

Farmers face expenses that competitors—even organic competitors—don’t have, tightening the economics in a business where pennies per pound matter. Brands deal with that same dynamic and also have to devise a marketing plan to explain to consumers what biodynamic and regenerative mean but also convince them to spend a little more to buy the product.

Meanwhile, everybody in the movement worries about the terms getting diluted as entities step up to create standards and certifications.

To explore the challenges and the benefits, The Road to Natural offers a series of stories, reported and written on the road to Natural Products Expo East 2018. Come back each day to get a report from the farmland as NBJ Editor Rick Polito and farmer/activist Andrew Pittz explore these questions:


Who are the farmers and what are the challenges? Read it here.


Brands take a stand by sourcing from regenerative farmers, but how do they make consumers care? Read it here.


Some say the future of the regenerative movement is certification, but will they be able to make the seal matter? Read it here.

This series is underwritten by

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