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Consumer marketing trends for 2023: What CPG marketers need to know – download

Consumer marketing trends for 2023: What CPG marketers need to know – download
Do you truly understand your customers—and how to best connect with them? Here’s what to know amidst an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Understanding your customers—and potential customers—has never been more important. It has also never been more challenging. This free resource was crafted to help digital marketers navigate the natural products industry and build loyalty with their consumers.

The First-Party Data Handbook explores how brands and other organizations can use their first-party data for effective prospect marketing, while respecting consumer privacy. Whether the goal is to grow brand visibility with ideal consumers or build a direct-to-consumer channel with likely buyers, the use of first-party data and the formation of data collaborations are crucial to success. This report demystifies and decodes the first-party data story with vital insights, including:

  • How first-party data collaboration enables predictive modeling of high-response prospect audiences.
  • How enriched first-party data drives lower-funnel outcomes, including higher return on ad spend.
  • How brands and other organizations can qualify trustworthy data partners.

Download your complimentary copy of this resource.

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Wiland is the nation's leading provider of high-performance marketing audiences that enable relevant connections at scale across all digital and offline channels.

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