art of tacos on a plate for meal kit story

Consumers love meal kits [infographic]

Meal kits get the buzz for a reason. Customers buy and keep buying. This infographic looks at the numbers and the opportunity for health food stores.

Meal kits just might be here to stay. Last year, one-quarter of adults bought a meal kit to make cooking a little more convenient and healthy, according to a recent Harris Poll. Of those purchasers, 70 percent still actively buy meal kits.

The below infographic highlights five top reasons to buy ingredients ready to prep. But an interesting result has been an increased consumption of seafood: 66 percent, Harris reports, say they eat seafood more often when they buy meal prep kits. 

With adventure and ease—and a dash of health—driving purchase, opportunity exists for savvy brick-and-mortar health food stores. Read on to understand the possibilities.

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