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Exclusive New Hope Network data shows trends shaping industry's future

2023 Natural Products Trend
Report offers insight into where opportunities lie for planning next year’s innovation pipeline.

What will consumers demand in 2023? New Hope Network has evaluated 35 trends against one another to see which ones are rising to the top according to consumer purchasing priorities and predictions for market success.

Among these trends, Brain Health, Immunity, and Digestive Health—arguably foundational pillars of wellness—are top-of-mind concerns for forward-looking consumers who, in response to the global pandemic are seeking to boost their immunity, cope with stress and usher in improved mood and cognitive function. At the same time, people are prioritizing products that address environmental concerns through practices that focus on the trends Reducing Waste, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Packaging. Goals relating to plant-based eating habits also rise to the top among consumers, with trends that emphasize plant-forward diets such as Eat More Plants and Plant Protein, ranked among the top ten most important trends.

New Hope Network’s recently published Trends & Innovation Report looks at these consumer predictions across 35 trends, in conjunction with other forward-looking data inputs from product innovation and an analysis of consumer social and mass media activity. Combined, these trends are compared against one another in order to determine which ones have the most momentum heading into 2023.

Here is a sneak peek of the top 12 trends consumers anticipate prioritizing for 2023.

  1. Brain Health
  2. Organic Stewardship
  3. Immunity
  4. Digestive Health
  5. Healthy Fats
  6. Reducing Waste
  7. Renewable Energy
  8. Eat More Plants
  9. Plant Protein
  10. Responsible Meat and Dairy Protein
  11. Responsible Packaging
  12. More Protein Please

Created to inform manufacturers, brands and investors of how these market trends work both independently and combined, the Trends & Innovation Report includes the full list of 35 trends as well as all consumer rankings, data on innovation volume for trends and insight into what consumers are engaging with on social and in mass media. The report also provides concrete product examples from brands that are responding to consumer demand and solving for these trends. Together, this information not only points to innovation opportunities, but also helps respond to the following business questions:

    What will customers care about and be more likely to purchase?
    What consumer needs/priorities do I need to remember to succeed next year?
    What are standout product examples in certain trends?
    How does my product positioning compare to the trends featured in this report?
    Is my innovation pipeline in alignment with the marketplace?
    What’s new and fresh in plant-based innovation?
    What are some examples of marketplace innovations responding to dominant trends?

Nutrition Business Journal Trends and Innovations Special Report 2022For more trend and innovation data and insights, check out The Trends and Innovations Special Report from NEXT and NBJ, available here.

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