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NBJ's Methodology

For 20 years, Nutrition Business Journal has been the go-to source for tracking sales and product trends in the nutrition industry, but the way it brings those numbers and analysis together is unique. Only NBJ’s long-standing relationships and access to privately held business intelligence make this comprehensive look at the nutrition industry possible.  

The challenges in gauging the size of the nutrition industry are many. One of the key steps to understanding the NBJ model is realizing that the nutrition industry is extremely private. It can’t be compared to tracking something like the ski industry, where resorts report detailed sales information, or the oil industry, where imports are logged at the point of entry. If that were true, it would simply be a matter of adding up all the sales figures. The nutrition industry is far more challenging.

Listen to NBJ's Senior Data Analyst Claire Morton explain our methodology in more detail in the video below, and for a detailed overview of our methodology, download this document. Reach us at [email protected] for more information on how NBJ can elevate your brand's strategy with our proven data.