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Top takeaways from the 2018 Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report

Article-Top takeaways from the 2018 Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report

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NBJ's Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report showcases the star and slacker ingredients in the category, which shows slower overall growth (but still strong)

With 6% growth in 2017, the sports nutrition and weight management categories is still growing faster than supplements overall, but has cooled off from 7% the year before. The star product: protein, is what paved the way for sports nutrition and weight management to go mainstream in the first place, and it continues to bolster the growth now.

Figuring out how to make that growth happen for other ingredients, of course, requires data and insight, and that’s what the NBJ Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report delivers. With 60 charts and 23 company profiles outlining some of the most successful and innovative brands in the space, the report serves as a guide for planning product development and audience-targeted marketing. Not every product category or ingredient is likely to make the jump to becoming an everyday lifestyle component such as RTD protein drinks, but more could.

Claire Morton, Nutrition Business Journal's senior industry analyst, offers these top takeaways from the report: 

• The Sports Nutrition and Weight Management industry grew 6.1% in 2017, reaching $39.8 billion in annual sales
• Sports Hydration and Energy beverages, such as Gatorade, Powerade and Red Bull, dominate the industry with 56% of sales
• Functional Sports Beverages, such as Muscle Milk and other RTD protein options, have the strongest growth at 16%, as consumers continue to trend toward convenient products
• Mass Market is the strongest channel for the SNWM industry, with high volume sales of Sports Hydration and Energy products like Gatorade and Monster in convenience stores

Fill out the form below to download the charts that these insights were derived from, and purchase the report here.

Download the top charts from the 2018 Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report: 


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