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Top takeaways from the 2018 Supplement Business Report

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Sales are growing in the supplement industry, but not at the rate we've seen in recent years. Here are some of the top takeaways from the annual supplement industry report.

With an overall sales growth slowdown in the supplement market, it’s easy to look at the bright spots, even if the size of these standout ingredient markets isn’t large enough to boost sales growth overall.

Yes, sales are slower, but not significantly slower. It’s also a bigger and more complicated supplements marketplace with an increasingly intricate set of channels and consumers hopping from one to the next. That makes both predicting changes and reacting to them very difficult.

Nutrition Business Journal's 2018 Supplement Business Report contains 334 pages, 38 company profiles and 111 charts and graphs to give you confidence in the data used to make sound business decisions for your brand.

Claire Morton, Nutrition Business Journal's senior industry analyst, offers these top takeaways from the report: 

• Mass market retail dominates sales in the natural and organic products industry with more than half of total market share and over $120 billion in annual sales.

• E-commerce, while frequently discussed and rapidly growing in the double-digits, still represents only 4 percent of total market share.

• Consumers report frequenting mass, grocery and natural stores over other retail channels, including e-commerce.

• Manufacturers rate the top three challenges of online retail as driving awareness of product, navigating Amazon and standing out.

• Natural and specialty retail has lost market share consistently since 2006, with growth slowing exponentially since 2015.

Fill out the form below to download the charts that these insights were derived from, and purchase the report here.

Download the top charts from the 2018 Supplement Business Report: 


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