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Understanding consumer outlooks on sustainability with NielsenIQ – webinar

Understanding consumer outlooks on sustainability with NielsenIQ – webinar
With statistics, insights and projections, this webinar with NielsenIQ offers insights on consumer trends around the total wellness shopper and how established and emerging brands can make a business case for sustainability.

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Sustainability is top of mind for consumers from personal care to grocery. NielsenIQ helps brands understand the new total wellness consumer and their purchasing power through data. The total wellness consumer does not simply think about their personal health, but also the health of the planet, social responsibility and a fair and equitable world for everyone. In fact, NielsenIQ’s data found that 78% of consumers say a sustainable lifestyle is important to them, identifying an opportunity for brands to fill the need.

The world of sustainability is vast and can be difficult to navigate, and NielsenIQ offers insights into what consumers desire and shares tangible results on where opportunities for growth lie for emerging and established brands.

Watch this webinar with Sherry Frey, Vice President of Total Wellness at NielsenIQ, to understand the emerging total wellness trends and how NielsenIQ can help businesses serve their customers and drive growth.

Nancy Coulter-Parker
Content Marketing Strategist, New Hope Network

Sherry Frey

Vice President of Total Wellness, NielsenIQ

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