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4 small tweaks to get more social media engagement

Guessing at hashtags on Twitter and randomly pinning on Pinterest? Here are some pointers to help you be efficient and relevant on social media. 

Want more engagement on your social media platforms? Instead of rethinking your current strategy, make these four easy tweaks to prime your posts for more likes and comments.

1. When you post to Facebook …

As of this year, Facebook has made changes to users’ news feeds, resulting in less organic reach for your Facebook Page posts.

Act on it: Here’s the answer nobody wants to hear: Advertise. If you’re on a small budget and don’t want to invest in Facebook ads, then focus on original, compelling content, and cross-post that content to other social channels. You can also increase your chances of being seen in a news feed by staying away from the three kinds of posts that Facebook now counts against you: Posts that only push people to buy a product or install an app; promotions and sweepstakes posts with no context; posts that use the exact content from ads.

2. When you pin to Pinterest …

Target recently revealed that products displayed on Pinterest in a real-life setting attract more purchases than when the same products are shown solo.

Act on it: Showcase the products you sell as they would be used in real life. For example, style them in-use for a recipe, or place bath and body products in a beautiful bathroom or kitchen. Some manufacturers already have these kinds of marketing materials for their products, so you can scour their websites and social media sites or simply ask for them. Alternatively, create your own impromptu photo shoots using a smartphone and good lighting.

3. When you post to Twitter …

Stop randomly tweeting when no one is listening. Instead, figure out the best times to be seen on Twitter.

Act on it: Visit, log in with your Twitter account and receive a free analysis on the best times of day to post. You can then use scheduling apps like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule all of your tweets at those times. I implemented this strategy and saw a 50 percent increase in the number of clicks on the links in my tweets.

4. When you post to Instagram…

A comprehensive Instagram study by TrackMaven revealed that images or videos using at least 11 hashtags got the highest engagement.

Act on it:  Don’t guess at hashtag use for your Instagram content. Research hashtags that are relevant to the natural products industry and to the product or lifestyle image you’re posting. Hashtags on Instagram are like keywords on Google. For fellow Instagrammers to find your photos, you need to use hashtags (at least 11) on each photo you post.

Caren Baginski is a writer and social media strategist based in Denver and the former social media and digital editor of Contact her at

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