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Retailer Roundtable: How do you attract conventional shoppers to your store?

Retailer Roundtable: How do you attract conventional shoppers to your store?

Natural retailers tell how they attract conventional shoppers to their stores, from great customer service and deals on staple and specialty items, such as gluten free products to hosting a farmers' market and community events, such as on-site demos and nutritional classes.

Kathy Hands, manager of Moonflower Market in Moab, Utah

We emphasize specialty items, such as gluten-free products. We also offer free community classes on nutrition, and we work with local practitioners to offer a variety of classes on homeopathy, tincture making, etc. This attracts conventional shoppers we have never seen before in our store, and they often become customers.

Karen Haderlie, co-owner of Wind River Herbs and Haderlie Farms in Thayne, Wyo.

We sell fresh eggs from our own chickens and fresh baked goods, like muffins, cookies and sprouted-wheat bread. Our store is located on our farm, so in the summer we have fresh veggies and a weekly community farmers’ market with live music, food and vendors selling locally grown and made products. We also have events such as sheep shearing and wool spinning demos that attract more conventional customers.

Rory Kelley, owner of Chatham and Dennisport Natural Markets in Chatham and Dennisport, Mass.

We offer competitive prices on staple items like dairy and other essential grocery and specialty items, such as gluten-free and other allergen-free food products. We offer great customer service with the personal attention customers don’t get at big-name stores, and make special orders if customers are looking for a certain product. We offer 20 percent off case orders and10 percent off vitamins, and we advertise in local papers.

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