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Social-able: Cook up recipe success on Pinterest

Social-able: Cook up recipe success on Pinterest

What's the secret sauce for recipe success on Pinterest? This infographic explores what pinners prefer when saving recipes to their boards.

Recipe sharing—in store and online—makes a lot of sense for natural foods markets striving to educate and engage their customers in healthful living.

But what succeeds on the food-obsessed Pinterest? This infographic from Feastie Analytics offers some clues. It explores the courses, dishes and ingredients that spread virtually and the best times to post your content. It also addresses how photo size adds up.

Top viral courses include appetizers, beverages (we’re assuming with alcohol mixed in) and, oddly, sandwiches. And while fudge and cheesecake are no-brainers when it comes to popular dishes, the high ranking for pretzels and enchiladas is perplexing.

But there’s hope for finding pinning success with popular (and healthy) recipes by including top ingredients such as stevia (which fills the No. 1 spot), avocado, chicken, quinoa and black beans.  (You’ll have to check out the graphic below for other unsurprising top ingredients.)

We’d love to hear about your Pinterest successes below.

Infographic: How to Make Your Recipe Go Viral on PinterestSource: Feastie Analytics

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