dicentra does due diligence for Omega Protein’s Bioriginal buy

dicentra does due diligence for Omega Protein’s Bioriginal buy

Omega Protein acquires Bioriginal Food and Science for $70.5 million upon completion of regulatory due diligence by consultant dicentra.

dicentra, a leading consultant specializing in regulatory strategies for North American health products, performed regulatory due diligence for Omega Protein Corp. (NYSE: OME) on its $70.5 million acquisition of Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., a global leader in delivering complete omega solutions. dicentra conducted a meticulous due diligence investigation into Bioriginal’s operations throughout the United States, Canada, the European Union and several Asian markets. In addition, dicentra audited Bioriginal’s manufacturing facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

“We are proud to have played a part in the acquisition of Bioriginal by Omega Protein,” said Alicja Wojewnik, president and CEO of dicentra. “Bioriginal is one of the most respected companies in the world in the omega sector, and we are confident that it will continue its long history of excellence.”

Peter Wojewnik, vice president of business development at dicentra, added, “As part of our work, the talented team here at dicentra took a deep dive into Bioriginal’s compliance on the regulatory front. In the end, we were impressed by Bioriginal’s high level of commitment to producing the highest quality ingredients.” 


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