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Nestl acquires medical foods company Pamlab

Nestlé acquires medical foods company Pamlab

Pamlab, a U.S. medical foods company, was acquired on Thursday by Nestlé Health Science. Nestlé continues its push into medical foods and targeted solutions for brain health.

On Thursday, Nestlé Health Science, a subsidiary of Nestlé, bought Pamlab, a U.S. medical foods company.

Pamlab, which has roughly 400 employees and was founded in 1987, produces prescription medical foods that support patients with conditions like dementia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, high-risk pregnancies and depression. The details of the deal remain undisclosed pending regulatory approval.

“We are excited to join forces with Nestlé Health Science, and we share their commitment to personalized nutrition,” Eric Wingerter, Pamlab’s president and CEO, said in a press release. “We are united by a common purpose, and a common culture, founded on our passion for patients to make a difference in people’s lives.”

According to The Advocate, Wingerter said the company has had a low profile, but grabbed the attention of Nestlé Health Science with its innovations in prescription medical food.

The purchase is just another in Nestlé’s list of recent acquisitions with the hopes of expanding into health and nutrition. Nestlé Health Science was established in 2011 with the intention of developing “science-based personalized nutritional solutions.” The company is focusing on three main areas -- brain health, gastrointestinal health and metabolic health. Pamlab will focus on developing innovations for brain health.

“By leveraging our nutrition heritage and U.S. operations with Pamlab’s proven expertise in medical foods and strong sales force capabilities, together we can play a key role in helping to manage certain chronic diseases and improve the quality of patients’ lives,” said Luis Cantarell, Nestlé Health Science president and CEO.

Other acquisitions by Nestlé include Accera, a firm producing medical foods for dietary management of Alzheimer’s patients;  Vitaflo, which provides nutritional solutions for those effected by genetic disorders influencing how the body processes foods; and Prometheus Laboratories, a firm specializing in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals in GI and oncology.

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