Tranzbyte acquires OneBode Group

Tranzbyte acquires OneBode Group

Tranzbyte acquires whole-food nutrition company ... and Steve Nash.

Tranzbyte Corp. announced it has purchased OneBode Holdings and OneBode Ventures, which together offer the highest grade of whole-food nutrients proven by research to help support the specific nutritional goals for a wide range of people.

OneBode is profoundly committed to bringing the healing power of whole-food nutrition, powerful plant enzymes and the highest quality nutrients into people’s lives. OneBode grew from the enthusiasm derived from connecting with people, sharing new knowledge, making a plan, and, finally, celebrating positive results. OneBode’s goal is that together the company can grow a movement for true wellness.

Since its inception in 2006, the company has serviced many top professional athletes and health care professionals worldwide—one of whom is two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash currently with the Los Angeles Lakers. Mr. Nash approached the company to see how he could assist in educating and inspiring the public to easily take more responsibility for their health. OneBode’s formulas include plant enzymes, food-derived vitamins and chelated minerals, all of which are largely lacking in today’s dietary regimen. “We saw the need to provide the modern parent or the busy professional with products comprised of quality, all-natural ingredients that can produce healthy results. Being healthy is not just for the elite, it’s for everyone. Our mission at OneBode is to make a positive nutritional impact on every human being that walks through our doors,” says cofounder Tylene Roderigues.

David Gwyther, Tranzbyte’s president, states, “We are very impressed by the drive and determination of OneBode’s founders, Tylene Roderigues and Sean Loomer. We believe that their positivity, drive, and determination will catapult the company’s popularity and earnings during the coming months and years ahead. We are also very excited to welcome two-time NBA MVP, Mr. Steve Nash, as one of Tranzbyte’s newest shareholders and are thrilled to receive his continuing support of OneBode’s enthusiastic founders, staff and customers.”

Mr. Gwyther concludes, “Tranzbyte’s goal is to support the development of its acquisitions such as OneBode so they become a candidate for the company’s ‘dividend farming’ concept in the shortest possible time.”


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