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3 tips for taking supplements

3 tips for taking supplements

From what time to take your minerals to choosing the right multi, here are three quick tips for upping the benefits of your supplements.    

1. Take minerals before bedtime.

Magnesium in particular helps muscles relax and can promote more restful sleep as well as regularity, according to Mark Hyman, MD. Because more Americans are deficient in minerals than vitamins (partly due to industrial agriculture’s depleting effect on our soil), it’s smart to boost your mineral intake. Plus, the average multivitamin can’t fit in adequate amounts of bulky minerals.
Try: Natural Vitality Natural Calm; Bluebonnet Albion Chelated Multi Minerals

2. Choose the right multi.

Multivitamins can be energizing—especially if you’re taking a stress formula that’s high in B vitamins—so they’re best taken with food earlier in the day. Some experts contend that liquid or whole-food vitamins may be better absorbed by the body.

3. Take fish oil with fat.

“Please, please, please remember to take fish oil with your largest meal of the day. You have to take it with some fat; otherwise you won’t absorb it. I usually tell people to take it at dinner because that tends to be the meal where people eat more fat.” –Tieraona Low Dog, MD

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