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Albion names Alimentos Int'l Customer of the Year

Albion names Alimentos Int'l Customer of the Year
One of Albion’s largest customers in Latin America, Alimentos has partnered with Albion on many projects including the recently launched RTD protein-rich nutritional beverage.

Albion Human Nutrition®, premier manufacturer of mineral amino acid chelates, has named Alimentos, S.A. as Albion’s 2014 International Customer of the Year. Francisco Pivaral, general manager of Alimentos, accepted the award in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

One of Albion’s largest customers in Latin America, Alimentos has partnered with Albion on a number of projects including the recently launched “Incaparina Ready to Drink,” which is a protein-rich nutritional beverage used in government nutrition programs and available for consumer purchase. Alimentos is dedicated to the development of products with a keen focus on innovation. 

“Alimentos and its employees have the key value of being socially responsible and delivering products that provide exceptional nutritional benefits to the Guatemalan consumer,” said Bryan Donaldson, director of sales for Albion’s Human Nutrition Division. “All of their hard work and efforts paid off in 2014 and they had the strongest sales growth of all our global customers. We are excited to continue our partnership and to continue to develop products that will provide the best mineral nutrition possible with our partners at Alimentos.”

Over the past seven years, Alimentos has worked diligently with Albion to foster an exceptional business relationship and to find new ways to create better products with higher nutritional value for their customers. 

“Albion has been substantial in this effort, finding and providing us with the best mineral supplements in order to enhance our products and meet the increasingly higher demands of our customers,” said Francisco Pivaral, Alimentos general manager. “Albion’s recognition of this partnership by naming us International Customer of the Year has had a significant, positive impact on our relationship. We are thankful for the support, time, and effort Albion has invested in us from the beginning of our relationship.”


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