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EuroPharma launches Muscle Relax

New Terry Naturally product provides a lactated form of calcium with magnesium citrate and zinc gluconate.

Calcium supplementation is virtually synonymous with bone health. Ninety-nine percent of the calcium in the body is stored in the bone. However, that remaining 1 percent of calcium used systemically is crucially important and easily depleted. Calcium is needed for the proper function of every cell in the body, but some systems are especially sensitive to calcium changes, including muscles, nerves, the immune system and lungs.

EuroPharma Inc. has launched a new product in the Terry Naturally® brand called Muscle Relax, which provides a lactated form of calcium in a 5-to-1 ratio with magnesium citrate, plus the added benefit of zinc gluconate. This combination helps replenish calcium lost from soft tissue due to exertion, stress, and excessive sun exposure.

“I have recommended calcium lactate for years and believe it to be an amazingly useful nutrient. The lactated form of calcium is the best for restoring the body’s systemic calcium, and by adding magnesium and zinc, we increase the benefits even further,” states Terry Lemerond, president and founder of EuroPharma Inc., “And even though it is very powerful and effective, it is gentle and safe for use with children as well.”

Muscle Relax supports many concerns such as occasional nighttime leg cramps, healthy respiratory function, restful sleep and also helps the leg muscles relax at night. Muscle Relax is now available at health food stores and integrative pharmacies nationwide.

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