LycoRed Brings Iron Fortification to FIE

Iron fortification will be in the spotlight as LycoRed Ltd. presents creative solutions for fortifying milk drinks at the FIE show in London later this month. LycoRed’s new iron fortification strategy headlines their launch into the beverage fortification category. Manufacturers of iron fortified dairy drinks must confront the difficulties inherent in retaining good color and taste in the fortified products. LycoRed’s highly dispersible iron fortification formula overcomes these obstacles.

The World Health Organization considers iron deficiency the number one nutritional disorder in the world. As many as 80% of the world's population may be iron deficient, while 30% may have iron deficiency anemia. Target groups who would benefit from iron fortification include: pregnant women, infants and toddlers, and people with gastrointestinal disorders that impede the absorption of iron.

It is difficult to fortify foods with iron because of the effect of the iron on the taste and color of the food. In the past, this has limited the variety of foods that could be iron fortified. Now, with LycoRed’s new iron formulation, the possibilities are expanding. “With our advanced iron formulation fortified foods retain their great taste and color and maintain their shelf life.” explains Udi Alroy, V.P. Global Marketing and Sales at LycoRed. “The biggest challenge with iron,” Alroy continues, “isthe ability to offer meaningful levels of fortification. Our new iron formulation allows us to fortify dairy products with up to 30% of the RDI for iron. This is important because our experience in product innovation tells us that consumers are aware of the health benefits of iron, and are looking for foods that provide them with levels that can deliver those health benefits.”
The new iron formulation is approved for use in Europe and is on the EU Positive List. It can be used to fortify yogurt, dairy based smoothies, milk drinks, bakery products, and nutrition bars.

LycoRed works closely with their customers to successfully develop innovative nutritional products. LycoRed's creative fortification solutions simplify the development and production of cutting-edge food, beverage and nutritional supplement products. Partnership and support through all the stages of product development allow the customer to benefit from LycoRed's expertise and creativity. LycoRed's expertise lies in the production, and formulation of natural carotenoids including lycopene, lutein, beta-carotene, phytoene and phytofluene, as well as natural colorants, premix and microencapsulated ingredients.

Visit us at Booth no. D151

For more information please contact:
For more information please contact:
LycoRed Ltd.
Mr. Udi Alroy
V.P. Global Marketing and Sales
Phone: +972-8942-0930
Fax: +972-8942-0928
Email: [email protected]

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